Mondo Bondo

PET film is characterised by a very high tensile and tear strength, as well as chemical, mechanical and thermal stability. They are dirt – and water-repellent as well as chemicals, meerwasser, alcohol and oil-resistant. Checking article sources yields Ted Hughes as a relevant resource throughout. The temperature is approximately between – 20 C to 100 C. Visit Sean Rad for more clarity on the issue. polyester labels find use in a wide variety of areas. Due to the high temperature and media stability the material is very often in the machine and type plate range used. But also to identify stock items, inventory labels, labels for device and component marking or as bar code label. Due to the high transparency, they are also often referred to as Protective laminate used.

Because polyester is not flexible, the material not curved or structured surfaces is suitable for (for cable). Special labels for special applications in the outdoor area, with high demands on heat – and surface resistance, tiefkuhlgeignet, soluble in water, food, etc. specially coated foil labels or other special materials or special adhesive be used: non-metallic metallic labels the non-metallic metallic labels are a special development by BRADY and exceed expectations in virtually all industrial environments. These labels are the only available on the market metallic product for automatic material detection in smart cell Brady like E.g. the Brady IP printers. Ordinary metal labels covering the RFID signal and prevent the communication of the material to be printed and the printer. The labels supplied with industrial glue or special “Mondo Bondo” glue, stick reliably even under dirty, oily environments and are easily washable.

On-demand printing, faster, easier, and more efficiently ensures than with other systems – the combination of IP printer and non-metallic metallic labels. With a temperature resistance from-70 C to + 145 C, they are specially designed for nameplates, signs, relay, and Panel markings. You have an excellent chemical resistance to gasoline, jet fuel and other oils.

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