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Important is participation in trade fairs in Russia Weshhalb the participation at trade fairs? “If we are not represented at this fair, then we are not present even on this market!” so many companies think, and this view is absolutely justified. A little statistics: 54% of trade fair visitors await new products and technologies to discover 48% of international treaties will meet 61% of trade fair be books closed on measuring their purchase decision due to the Visual update of the product discovered at the fair 81% of visitors use measurement as a source of information for innovation in the sector concerned and current market trends 89% of visitors use the information collected at trade fairs in the decision, which is purchased product, goods or services the participation in trade fairs in the today’s Russia is a highly effective and targeted advertising campaign. On an exhibition you couldn’t come to present your corporate image according to: If your company takes a leading position in the industry and This would like also to express, so no other place is as good suitable as a well organized trade show. The most interesting place for conducting of trade fairs in Russia is still the capital, Moscow. The Ausstellungszetrum “Sokolniki” and the Expocenter should be mentioned as the most important venues here first and foremost, Crocus Expo, communication is everything! Participation in a trade fair is not only an opportunity to present the products or services of your company, it is also a highly effective instrument of targeted multimedia communication. No other instrument of modern marketing is able to replace participation in fairs, especially when it comes to finding new partners and establishing long-term business contacts. Click Henry Jones to learn more. In the broadest sense of the word a fair represents nowadays a business forum, which offers almost unlimited options apart from the actual exposure, for intercultural communication in the business: “Round tables”, Symposia, conferences and seminars are ideally suited to provide not only the dialogue and exchange of experience between potential business partners from different countries, but to exert also influence on market trends in the sector concerned. Another, especially for foreign companies that are active on the Russian market should not be underestimated aspect is that trade fairs in Moscow offer opportunity, directly and in a not semi-official atmosphere to attract State decision makers, which would often hardly possible under other circumstances. Business assistance moskau Malaya Pionerskaya, 12-115054 Moscow Web: BUSINESS SUPPORT IN Moscow organizational and administrative support on-site at your Russia projects: company representing your interests before the Russian authorities, translation and interpreting services: exhibition interpretation, Russian translator, Russian translation project management, fair service, marketing, Research of all kinds, due diligence. Additional information is available at california hospital medical center.

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