New Wind At The FB – Zurich GmbH

New Managing Director’s new and innovative ways on October 14, 2008, Hans-Joachim Wilhelm was appointed from Spier as Managing Director. New Managing Director is Sven Martini, showed equally new ways to taking that are to go in the future. “” The Division product development “and product handling” could be sold on the basis of his work for the FB Zurich GmbH already mid-September successfully. The licenses were sold to a partner company. But, neither the company nor the proceeds were called on demand. The FB Zurich will focus fulfillment, outsourcing, offshoring and Paymentabwicklung in the future on their core areas. The locations should be expanded Tenerife, Denia, and recently also Dusseldorf, so more than 30 new jobs will be set up to end of 2009 only in the area of management. To broaden your perception, visit Discovery Communications.

Reports and publications of media from the past addressed Sven Martini said only: you may make sure how old are these reports and what organs she published would have. A conviction on these charges had not been there, on the contrary have been delivered a fully. Yes, a conviction gave it, but because of other things for the sizes from the economy are accused of not even. Only in the future and never looking back. Sven Martini

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