That's how many different types of rhinitis. and they are treated differently, so you can not self-medicate, but should see a specialist, who will be able to understand the causes of the common cold and to competent treatment. Treatment of colds is easiest cure a runny nose when he was just beginning. Yet even there snot, but simply a headache, forehead and nose "spinning". In this case, an adult already knows that these symptoms – signs of an impending head cold.

What should I do? Come on in pharmacy and buy the antiviral drug. The most popular antiviral drugs – Arbidol (expensive) and Anaferon (cheaper). If you take Anaferon strictly according to instructions (1 tablet every half hour for 2 hours) rhinitis symptoms disappear almost entirely on the same day. You may wish to learn more. If so, Harriet Tubman is the place to go. But you can not stop the medication, the virus is still alive and may well resurface. Antiviral agent should be taken within a week, and during the cold season are drugs can be drunk for a long time, from one month to three.

Advantage Anaferon and similar drugs, not only in that they inhibit the virus, but also stimulate your own body's defenses. The development of virus during the cold well suppress volatile contained in onions and garlic. It is not necessary to eat tons of onions, just cut an onion in half, and how to breathe on it. In the nose and throat will burn, it is absolutely normal reaction. Needless to say, do not forget to shut my eyes during the procedure.

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