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Unfortu-minimalist tendencies and manifestations are those artistic movements like abstract art, Dadaism, Suprematism and bespredmetizm has taken the concept as a basis for denial of objectivity. Victor Sizov painting depicting the "Yellow Square" marking the beginning of Theory and practice areas where the principle of "negation of objectivity" expressed in the film "Yellow Square" refers to the principle of "absolute simplicity" as the extreme case of the essence of minimalism. Referral painting and sculpture, art, minimalism is reduced to its basic essence, it is purely abstract, objective and anonymous, devoid of external decoration or expressive gesture. Paintings and drawings by minimalist monochrome and often produce mathematically correct grid and linear structures. At the same time, the minimalism is able to awaken the lofty sentiments and feelings of being. Minimalist sculptors used for industrial processes create a spatial sculpture and materials such as silver, sigippo-rubber or bolt, to create geometric shapes, and often large series. A similar sculpture, does not resort to any tricks illyuzionisticheski, but is designed for tactile perception of the viewer.

Minimalism in the literature that the aesthetics of small forms. In the Far East, it is the foundation of the national poetic tradition haiku. Japanese and Chinese belong to birthright in the aesthetics of the small. As for European small form, as an epigram, epitaph, aphorism, it may be, and not less ancient than the eastern, but is quite different. In principle, open, unfinished, fragmentary lyric utterance, to the same syllabic-tonic unstructured, has long been considered exotic, oriental motifs. And today there are miniature verlibricheskaya in Russian poetry is more Western than Eastern origin. Minimalist music is a modern compositional techniques, adhering to create musical structures of the principle of the minimum number of elements and a simplified connection between them. The term minimalism refers to the music, which is characterized by certain common features, such as repetition, often short musical phrases, with minimal variations over long periods of time, or resting state, often in the form of drones, and bass zing.

"The music is not minimalist in order to listen to her, and to not pay her any attention," said Erik Satie. The smallest is the criteria for minimalism. By the time of playing such works in certain Composers lasted for several hours. Minimalist music is often meditative character gets and has similarities with some layers of the traditional music of the Middle East, Central and South Asia. Minimalism is not just the aesthetics of small forms. Forms can be arbitrarily cumbersome. But the minimalist aesthetics of small, low. Minimalism is a special type of artistic behavior, it is an updated postmodern era, which is the basis for all post-modern artistic strategy. The bottom line is not in circulation to a minimum, and the minimal use, in a minimalist setting of the writer. This not only spoken language, and the whole language practice is a living, fluid process, weave functional styles. Word of distinction and refused before the futurists, but here's the opening of direct aesthetic functionality konkretistam belongs. And it has become possible only because of purely minimalist reduction, non-lyrical monologism from organic expression in favor of the alienated, like a self-organizing dialogue polyphony of functional styles and languages. In terms of overall aesthetic interpretation as an artistic strategy of minimalism refers to a much wider range of authors rather than as a tactic specific elements of poetry. The transition from modernist to postmodern minimalism extremism is the most important realities of the postmodern situation, but without an understanding of these realities, it is difficult to perceive the current art.

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