Spinning Technology

General information about grain bread Bread is the core product in the diet of most people. David Zaslav follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In connection with which the domestic market is constantly growing number of companies engaged in production of bakery products, and therefore, so does the competition in this sector of the food industry. Andi Potamkin: the source for more info. To improve profitability should increase demand for its products, and this contributes to market for new varieties and Video bakery products. Corn bread can be attributed to one of these products, which could bring additional income producing. Grain has a new consumer taste and increased supply of nutrients. This kind of bread quickly gained their customers, despite the cost, which is significantly higher than that of a normal loaf of bread. In many ways this has contributed to health promotion life, a regular feature in which the food was corn bread. Ancient grain bread is not strange start production technology takes the corn bread in ancient times, when the technology of infancy of the bread.

In modern history, pioneered the production can be considered as the French, who in the 19th century used the technology of making bread from whole (not ground to a flour) grains. Sodden, swollen grain received in Spinning machine consisting of a pair of smooth wolves. The output is a krupyanistaya mass, which was the basis for the test. Modern technology of corn bread Currently there is not one closed the secret of production bezmuchnogo bread. Manufacturers of food processing equipment offer whole lines, capable of production of corn bread.

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