SSL additive no longer reduces fuel consumption by an average of 10 percent it is enough, to preserve the environment. The resources are becoming increasingly scarce, so it is important to use all sources of energy as efficiently as possible. Learn more at this site: Donna Summer. Forg, Lambert, has developed a highly concentrated tank additive in a multi-step physical techniques for petrol and diesel engines. This additive causes a significant performance boost of fuels in their efficiency in practical use. SSL SpritSaveLiquid you achieve a higher dynamic range of the vehicle, as well as improved ignitability and combustion in the engine.

Independent tests have shown that the additive SSL does not adversely affect the engine and catalytic converter. SSL is characterized by high yield and value creation. 250 ml of this liquid to approx. 80 filled car tank sizes are. 3 ml SSL are required for a 70-gallon tank. After the first application the engine has SSL better concentricity reduces fuel consumption the more consequential is a reduced Co2 emissions. With the Spritsparrechner on this homepage can to learn your personal savings. SSL2 is designed for use in oil heaters. References and personal experience reports for pro-energy see Marion Hiltmann

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