Star Lane

Pressure boundary – from vacuum to … Corridor, more precisely, "the tunnel of eternity." "Corridors of end walls, tunnels and deduce the light." Is there a correlation between the development of the Sun and the level of development of life on earth? But the development also depends on the stars of the universe. up. Hence, life is one suitable for all-conducting planets of the universe. The comet-tail – what is it? A visual breakdown? Or visual fusion? Star Lane, from which the sand on the road raining, or galactic janitor, sweeping cosmic dust and going to become a star? Pawn, tearing into Queens. Give her a thermometer, measure the temperature of the Turk – and we know who? Old fart or an ambitious young man vain. The boundaries of the oscillations: the sound – color – light – X-ray – radio waves? The propagation velocity of sound a minute, color, light, X-rays, radio waves? Final pressure and temperature – is an explosion, a void, an absolute vacuum and absolute zero! The final cooling and vacuum – this expansion to the hydrogen atoms, a void, an absolute vacuum and absolute zero! Full circle! Solid – liquid – gaseous – plasma – an explosion – decay, when heated. Plasma – gas – liquid – solid – crystals – decay, if it's cool … Earthly Mount is the crystals that are formed during the cooling of magma vnutrizemnoy. Low – magma – cooling – crystal (mountain) – cooling – collapse – dust – emptiness.

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