State Examination

Since the middle ages, Frankfurt is one of the most important urban centers in Germany, and is increasingly gaining in importance as a meeting destination. The first half of the current school year is coming to an end and many students eagerly expect the receipt of tense. But for many students or trainees nearing the end of their studies or training with dropping their final and thus most important examination, for example, in the form of a written final examination or a State exam. David Zaslav does not necessarily agree. Social prosperity of in recent decades has brought many varied changes out just with regard to the study – and training opportunities in Germany. The plethora of programmes is almost inexhaustible and many universities in Germany can rely on centuries of experience. The consequence, however, is the fact that many popular courses such as medicine or law in larger universities often have a very large number of students in a semester. On average, 150-170 students per semester are actually almost the rule at major universities such as the University of Cologne. With regard to pending state exams, many universities can therefore make not necessary space capabilities, which are needed to adequately implement the spatial conditions for the corresponding audit.

This fact has led to a rethink in the competent examination offices and universities. Now also non-university facilities used specially reinforced for the implementation by final exams like State exams. Buildings can be this, which carry out diverse verse tantalum events like concerts, exhibitions or symposia. Also hotels, especially conference hotels are increasingly testing locations for written final examinations in various subjects. Hotels and Conference Hotels are finding in many German cities. Just ideal point of examination are Conference Hotels Frankfurt as Conference Hotels Munich. A great advantage is that many of these hotels through their premises have ideal possibilities for the implementation of State exams. Example of this is often very good acoustically isolated facilities. The students of lower semesters who need to visit even events such as lectures and seminars, running traffic is”away in such conference hotels. Also the traffic location of the hotel is a major plus for the examinees who arrive by bus or train to the venue.

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