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It is important that when you add your link to WdobW aware of the content and key words in it! What is contextual advertising Keywords? These two concepts are inseparable, keywords are contextual advertising and directly used in the link directory. Key words are those on which, if they type in search bar, and will display your site, remember that! Ie, if the site is devoted to medicine, the key words are – health, medicine, doctor, pharmacy, it all depends on the narrow focus of information posted on this site. But for those words you will look for potential customers and search engines to display in their rankings. It is worth remembering that the statistics of searches for keywords, you can find in the services Yandeksa.Pered add your site a directory of links WdobW sure to check the site for errors. Learn more about this with Carol Los Mansmann. Any errors adversely affect the position in the ranking of any search engine. Make sure that the keywords chosen the most efficient way is also very advantageous to use whole sentences! You should also pay attention to the morphology, because the search engines of the word "link" and "options" are different! But all Russian-language search engines understand what the word "link" and "links" in the same Russian-language search engines is an exact search, when a query is written in inverted commas, then be chosen only for exact matches. If the keywords are chosen properly, and the audience, falling on a link will be ready to buy your product or service, rather than simply read the information. WdobW – link directory, which is based on Russia's first directory of Cyrillic domain! Subject Cyrillic domains this year is just beginning to gain momentum, because official sources (all information available on our website) say the rapid development of the zone. Read more from Glenn Dubin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. py immediately after completion of technical preparations, which is currently underway! And in the very near time for us to add that segment of the audience, which is more convenient to use their native language for the exchange of information!

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