The advantages which tension ceiling from Hilden has the company Maata specialises in tension ceiling and offers an excellent range of services around the ceiling. 2004 The owner of the company completed the master examination and founded the painting and painting operation with tension ceilings specialist installation in March of the same year. The stretch ceilings of the technically young and modern company run by qualified personnel. The four employees of the operation are always up to date in every case. A very important point, which is tracked by the company, customer satisfaction, and that is 100 percent. Let themselves lay the special ceiling of the specialist company, you must never again paint ceiling. Take the service of the company claimed in Hilden and within a radius of 100 to 150 kilometres.

The special ceiling design has significant advantages over conventional ceiling. The blankets, which are transferred by the company Maani, can be mounted very quickly. Due to the Assembly you get always a flat surface, no color can flake off or cracks. The special ceiling is also characterized by a good moisture resistance. They are non-combustible, there is no color change, and in addition they are resistant to chemicals.

The special ceiling can be installed even in every room. Especially in older homes, many times old ceilings are lopsided. This is not a problem for the new ceiling design. The new ceiling can be also adapted to curves, lighting or ventilation body. Another major advantage is that the rooms with the stretch ceiling be enlarged visually. Should time maintenance work behind the wall or ceiling is carried out must, the ceiling without much effort can be mounted. By the specialist, you get everything from a single source. The ceilings are so high that give a guarantee of 10 years on the welds. Exactly what is a stretch ceiling consists of a specially designed, waterproof and tear-resistant polymer film this special form of ceiling design. The soft foil used for the ceiling, are manufactured by the manufacturer in the rolling process and delivered in railways. Also, the railways on the room size are tailored to exactly. In hindsight, the cars are welded together. It can be large even a slide up to 60 m on the piece. The outer edge of the ceiling surface is covered with half-soft mounts. They call themselves retaining edging. The insides of a room be equipped with retaining bars all around. The brackets are then attached to the retaining strips. On these strips, a stretch ceiling can be secured easily up to 60 m. The new ceiling is smaller than the existing ceiling area about 7-10 percent. Therefore, the film at 40 degrees is stretched and then tightly clamped. The presentable result of the company Maani the result of this approach is a uniformly smooth ceiling. The huge color palette ensures an individual design. There are more than 200 colors available. Can also choose between different qualities. The Surfaces can be in matt, satin, gloss, in Suede, in metallic and marble design can be ordered. If you want, can leave digital printing the matte and translucent surfaces for more individualism.

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