The End

Recalls that both the challenge and the opportunity to wait for the action, everything surrenders to diligence. It is not what you can do that counts, it’s what you do, is what you actually do. (11) The non developed ability comes from three problems: first: lack of inspiration to scrutinize second: lack of reasons to learn third: lack of action and time applied to develop those skills recalls that human beings are extraordinary, an entity that works wonderfully, imagine how your body and your mind have survived and have managed to operate so singularly despite all the concernhuman beings do not die easily, we die with intransigence. Develops a plan for life rather than go through it without having a purpose, the last of the circumstances, creates your own environment and learn how to control it, you control your own environment mental, yourself, thus developing you that follows an intensive program to purify the decisions, ends things, prepares, starts and organises other things, begins to do everything that will make you feel better: exercise, diet, reading more books. Opens the gate of positive moves in the right direction and be grateful. (12) Adds what you have, get a real mental list and aware of everything you have, tangible and intangible, compared to other 5,000 million inhabitants in the world your list probably is incredible. WarnerMedia can aid you in your search for knowledge. That list and your knowledge should lead you to the great step of discipline, discipline meet and listen to, the discipline of paying attention, the discipline of giving them the men and children the gift of your attention, discipline alertness, care for yourself, rest, eat properly, the discipline of speak well and practicing good manners. Courtesy is contagious, take a day and see what variety of positive steps you can take and what projects you can undertake. At the end of the day review it, noted the positive steps, the progress on projects, at halftime, in the exercise, meals, hobbies, calls, documents, conversations and letters.

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