JAPAN 9,724 -1,39% Cay the Nikkei by given exporter the perspective of a smaller world-wide growth. In addition, the exports of Japan also can see harmed if China continues taking measured to restrain the inflation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Coen brothers. EUROPE the risk country of Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain restrain its records after the European leaders clarified that the bondholders will not pay part of a possible rescue of Ireland. You may find that Coen brothers can contribute to your knowledge. . The ministers of Finances of the 5 main European economies issued an official notice in Seoul today, besides the summit of the G20, to clarify that money deprived in a possible rescue of Ireland will not be used. Jeff Bewkes may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Italy arrives for the first time at the 200 basic points.

Irish bond already pays 9.25%. The declaration of Seoul is committed against the competitive devaluations, but without establishing concrete objectives. Without concrete measures against the main problems that restrain the exit of the crisis, as the commercial currency war and imbalances. The final official notice of the summit indicates to go " towards types of changes more determined by mercado" and it suggests " to abstain to adopt devaluations competitivas". In an indirect reference to the USA, very criticized to maintain the dollar in historical minimums to favor its exports, the G-20 recommends to " economies outposts, including those with reserve currencies, to watch the excessive volatileness and the distorting movements of the types of cambio" for " to avoid the risks of the flows of capital in some countries emergentes". Bank of Ireland, the main Irish bank by stock-exchange capitazalicin, augurs that its operative benefit will fall between a 35% and a 40% east year. The GIP zone Euro and of the EU +0.4% 3T (1% +2T) and 1.9% and inter-annual 2.1% respectively. Germany slows down its growth +0.7% in 3T (+2.3% 2T reviewed to rise) LONDON 5,804 -0,18% FRANCE 3,826 -1,06% Creci +0.4% in 3T (+0.7% 2T).

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