The Keys

Very popular electric threading die stock, which greatly facilitate the work of the installer and increase productivity labor. One of the favorable developments is that, due to the special konctruktsii elektrokluppa and use pipe clamp, there is no mechanical effect (torque tube), which makes it possible to cut the thread on the tube, which is part of an assembled pipeline, where mechanical effects are unacceptable, but also in remote places, especially in the corners, due to the small radius of the die stock head. The company produces two models ROTHENBERGER Electric die stock: SUPERTRONIC 2000 allows threaded from 1/4-2 "SUPERTRONIC Economy allows you to cut thread from 11 / 4" (1/4-11/4 "). Both elektrokluppa komplektuetsy 1050 watts with powerful engines, but the designers have paid special attention to the gearbox, which gives a constant and high torque, which does not allow the engine to strain and "rip" thread. A significant advantage is the use of standardized interchangeable thread-heads and knives, as for manual or electric die stock for. For consumers with large amounts of tasks ROTHENBERGER produces a wide range of threading tools. The first series of compact Threaders: SUPERTRONIC 2 S, SUPERTRONIC 3 S, SUPERTRONIC 4 S, – which can cut the pipe, remove the inner bevel and threaded onto the pipe to 2, 3, 4 inches, respectively. All machines are portable (can be delivered to the area in a car) and maintained by one person.

Designed for daily work a full shift. These machines can cut into the left / right taper pipe thread (BSPT), a cylindrical pipe thread (BSPP), a standard threaded NPT, British threaded bolt (BSW) and metric threads. Robert Iger contains valuable tech resources. They are equipped with an inductive system of supply of coolant to the site threading, cutters and inner faskosnimatelem. Machines are unpretentious and reliable in use, do not ask for continued technical service. The second series of machines includes industrial Threaders: SUPERMATIC 300 PR, SUPERMATIC 2000-22A, SUPERMATIC 4000 – which can cut the threads in a continuous loop. Bending steel water and gas pipes company offers ROTHENBERGER hydraulic benders ROBULL E with manual transmission and ROBULL ME c electric drive. They make it possible to bend the pipe at once on site, in the cold state without a "mandrel" at an angle of 90 degrees, the diameter of the pipes 3/8-2 "3/8-3 and by" with a force of 15 tons (150 kN).

Benders are made portable, collapsible design are and can be transported in a passenger car. Mounting tool Virtually various complex tasks associated with assembly and installation of equipment, possibly done with equipment from primmeneniem ROTHENBERGER, namely: hand-cutters and band saws gas, chain, one-handed, belt and specialized keys. When you install a steel pipe it is imperative that the two sections of pipe were 90 degrees. To do this, use pipe cutters for steel: SUPER 1.1 / 4 "(up to 1.1 / 4"), SUPER 2 "(2"), ENORM 4 "(4") – as well as manual and band saws for pipe diameters up to 355 mm. There is a program of pipe cutters and blades for stainless steel. Company ROTHENBERGER drew attention tongs. Gas produced as two-handed the keys to the straight and S – shaped jaws and movable one-handed pipe wrenches of various ispolnneny, chain pipe wrenches, remeshkovye. Large attention is paid to specialized keys: with plastic jaws for chrome and brass fittings for the nipples, keyless, remeshkovym, samozahvatyvayuschim etc. All the keys contain a huge margin of safety and strength of the "German quality" and are designed for long life, that certified practice.

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