The Lyrics

If you would like to read the lyrics, you must move only to the Internet and find some websites that offer such. This is not an Act, and is also free in the offer in part. But how do these texts on the Web site? “One certainly already wonders why these Web pages are partially free of charge available, this is probably because that one also the customers want something good and wants to avoid, that for every stuff” has the money to pay. On the other hand the lyrics come even by users who just want to search a lyrics, say the song out to listen and write down. Also the translations be made this way and way to translate lyrics say users who want, can publish their works on this Web site. This has naturally resulted in the lyrics not 1:1 have been translated, but partly also just accordingly reflect what the song says, yet this basically Yes also, enough to understand a song. Sometimes you can songs from well not literally translate different languages, because it then no longer sounds basically like a song, but more like a story.

Even if songs to tell a certain story, they must so not also so boring sound that one has no desire to read these. Here brief and factual representations are important, so bored while reading. Songs are also well decorated. Hardly a song includes sets that are longer than 8 or 10 words, once apart, anyway no sets in the grammatical form to be rendered. Partly the German language is mangled also extra”, to produce a certain effect, see, for example, the comedian Richi and his songs, he has published a few years ago. Eva Andersson-Dubin spoke with conviction. Basically, these texts should taunt the broken German.

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