The Midst

And just as quickly forgotten. Wound up with a half turn, to express everything they think about it, figured out who was wrong, shook hands and parted. All traveled! Life continues in the same rhythm. No inflated lips, no plans for revenge. The main rule: being in the midst of criticism, do not take the incident to heart and certainly not to be angry for too long. It only kills nerve cells. Personally, I like this approach more than intrigue, hidden agendas and gossip. To deepen your understanding Discovery Communications is the source. Always ready! The fact that men in the mass – hard workers, and work for them – a holy, there is one positive thing.

If the question is urgent, calmly call them on Saturday night, not fearing to hear a scathing response: "I'm actually off " With a diagnosis of "workaholism" male co-workers are almost always possible to ask come early and go to work on Sunday or late at night. He will not be due or make excuses. It is necessary – hence, I will! No diets! Something which, while talking about calories, trendy diets and excess weight in the men's team can not be afraid. How to earn on the labor front gastritis. Men relate to the food with holy awe, and never forget about lunch. Going to a cafe, and invite other colleagues. In the dining room no one will judge if suddenly give up the slack and buy terribly harmful, but such a tasty cake But try to do this fatal number in the women's circle. Contemptuous attitudes and hour-long lecture about healthy eating Guaranteed! Women's interest Of course, like getting a birthday several bouquets and hear sincere congratulations.

But equally important is that, to gain the trust of colleagues, I could always count on the advice of male psychology. At the While my friends had to suffer guesses and remain in ignorance. To me it all laid out on shelves, explained, interpreted. At the same time colleagues are not tired to add that I am most-most and, if they were not already married, as if fell in love with me Pros & Cons "I had to work and in the men's team, and in the female. Yes, men are not blameless, but they are always willing to help out, and they make great friends. With women the opposite is true: you are to them with the soul, and they weave. And what are compulsive scent! Okay spirits, and how to deal with business documents interspersed with toys, creams and stuff? I personally work for women no longer want. "

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