The Pajamas

Children can imitate him. Always closely supervise young children. Prevent fires practicing and teaching at home how to act to prevent them. When cooking, keep the children to 90 centimeters (3 feet) away from the stove, do not overload electrical outlets, have checked every year the heating system, and if you smoke, use deep ashtrays and let the slides by soaking in water. Are smoke detectors effective? I place one near the baby’s room? When children die from fire in the home, it usually occurs in homes where they have no smoke alarms that work.

When a fire occurs, one has only seconds to escape the fire, smoke and deadly gas. Smoke detectors that work help you escape in time. Smoke detectors save vidas.comentarios: Argentina no smoke detectors are costly, leaving less than $100.- and installed easily. they operate at battery. Place smoke detectors that work on each floor of the House, inside and outside of the bedroom which is usually maintained with the door closed. If you keep your baby’s room door closed, place a smoke detector that works in the bedroom and use a monitor for baby so you can hear the alarm. As soon as you create the children understand, familiarize them with the sound of the smoke detector alarm.

Teach them if any sounds, they must crawl on the floor underneath the smoke, leave the House and go to site of meeting which has been assigned. Smoke detectors require maintenance. Test the batteries in detectors every month. Replace them at least once a year. That we can do to make sure that the family, especially young children, can escape safely in case of a fire? Fire can absorb your House in a matter of seconds. You will need to react quickly. Be prepared with a detailed plan of escape in case of fire. Practicing with so many children times as you can, at least twice a year. Children who have practiced an escape plan have less likelihood that come into panic and hide, and most likely out in a safe manner. Your escape plan begins with a basic diagram of the House. Mark all Windows and doors and plan two routes of exit from each room. (Source: Robert Iger ). Consider several cases of fire, like a fire that starts in the kitchen, in the basement or in the room. Determine the best way to help out the babies and young children. How she seek them? How will charge them? You can keep a baby near the cot harness, for loading the baby and leave your hands free to raise another child. If you also have older children, make them practice crawling or crawling, knock on doors, or go to the window, depending on your escape plan. Prepare an alternate escape plan so that he can escape without problem with small children where one of the parents or guardian are not home when the fire occurs. When you practice the escape plan, show the children how should cover nose and mouth with the shirt or blouse of the Pajamas to reduce inhalation of smoke. Keep clear of toys and trash the House outputs. Choose a meeting place for safe on the outside of the House and teach children to never return to the House.

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