The Test

Wet handling on the driver assesses the behavior and reactions of the tyre the 500-metre course, in addition, the measured lap times give clues about the quality. Here, especially the predictability of the tire is one so that the motorists experienced no dangerous surprises. The experience of the test engineers are crucial for the proper assessment. A short braking distance on wet road surface can prevent an accident, because the braking distances are longer than many motorists believe when it rains. Nokian test the stopping power on four different surfaces: German, so smooth, asphalt, concrete, rough, Nordic asphalt and rough asphalt, so even under the toughest loads. So the tyres for different friction coefficients of the floors are optimized. No driver wants to swim in the wet because then can no longer steer the car and can no longer slow. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out qwiki. You’re totally helpless.

Hydroplaning in the longitudinal direction, which corresponds to the straight outward, being tested at the ride through a water basin. In this case is measured at what speed the car swims up and loses to the liability. The water depth is up to 15 mm and stricter demands on the tires, because the water is only seven millimeters deep tests the most important journals. The hydroplaning in the curve determines when the car from the curve is worn. Eight millimeter water stands on the railway, which in turn harder requirements are usually being tested only at four millimeters? The curve is also inclined to the 1.5 per cent and this simulates an additional danger.

The outer area of the curve is deep and the inner higher, it hangs. That’s why you can fly down there faster”. Speed, grip and precise reactions decide the dry tests in the dry tests the test riders on the handling track handling changing requirements assessed subjectively. Quick change of direction by changing lanes and moose test show the boundaries.

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