Naming for gastronomic goodie in Salzburg is a place to feel good and enjoy it will be, the new opening restaurant in Salzburg-Maxglan. With a view to the appropriate plans and sketches can be seen already, it’s what unique gastronomic concept. Also the name for coffee / wine / cigar lounge should be as unique as the concept behind it, with its opening Adalbert Stary fulfilled a childhood dream, as he himself says. His wife Karin stands fully behind the project and is also actively involved. So that as many as possible can submit their ideas and proposals, there is a website, which invites pleasurable looking. The great thing: The winner is not only the namesake of a new restaurant but also enjoy a free meal * for himself and 3 of his friends and a life long. For those who have already come on the flavor: Simply click here, fill out the form on the home page and send.

The name search is running until June 30, 2011. The submitted proposals are daily on the homepage published. It is also possible online survey to the pre-judging to participate. Uncomplicated way of life in a natural way to connect with special lifestyle, is the vision of the emerging restaurant in Salzburg-Maxglan. Back to origins with typical Austrian delicacies and a drinks menu that is second to none. A concept that is so complex that you have to ask: “What don’t I get here?” * always on the anniversary of the premises

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