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Doctor to be nowadays is in Europe better than ever. If you have additional voice talent and is flexible, thousands of job openings in all European countries offer a young physician. Through the migration by the lower number of graduates of medical schools and the expansion of medical systems in Europe, it comes in the middle of the economic crisis also to a growing medical crisis. 10 to 15 years ago showed real doctor sponges are in Germany, as well as in other Western European countries, since every clinic Chief from dozens of applicants could choose the ideal employee. At that time, you could encourage any young student to study medicine. Through the continuous expansion of the medical system and the ever lower number of graduates of medical schools in recent years, through the emigration German doctors due to low salaries and various legal restrictions, there is now a real shortage of doctors – not only in Germany but in all Countries in Europe.

The enlargement has also briefly improved the situation. In the Eastern countries, it comes through a further increase in the quality of life for doctors to a decline in migration in recent years. A young graduate can choose today, depending on his knowledge of the language in which future work country he wants to be working, and who will be his future employer. They are the most popular Scandinavian countries, England and Switzerland and Austria currently, due to the regular working hours and wages better compared to Germany. For more information about working as a doctor in Europe they can on the new portal for hospital staff find. Horia Oltean

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