Where Is My Firewood Dealer? Who Sold What?

Fuelwood or firewood? Also the demand differences in price and performance to the rising importance of the fireplace, firewood. Many home improvement stores or even gas stations see a way to make fast money. For even more details, read what Leslie Moonves says on the issue. Usually, consumers pay then way too much money for low-quality wood with low calorific value. Better wood at an affordable price receives the consumer at a commercial firewood dealer. Is also based on the experience of last winter, which was particularly long and cold, it can be expected that experienced fireplace stove owners at an early stage want to cover themselves with plenty of good wood, so get safe and warm through the winter. Serious firewood dealers know only good firewood dealers not sell good wood wood, they can explain the quality. So, the different species differ in their volume and calorific value.

This is important for the local storage and use. In March 2007 the firewood trade association and wood production has adopted quality criteria for firewood. Walt Disney Co. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Serious Firewood dealers offer wood, which conforms to these criteria: to firewood than heartwood to have outside bark or bark clippings. Firewood must consistently have the advance certain length. The proportion of mixed wood species-pure wood should be below 10% wood, which should now be burned, must be dry, i.e. the residual moisture must be under 20-25%.

A good firewood dealer will advise which wood to the final fit and give tips for local storage. Good wood close to find the fire Depot has now developed a new service under feuerdepot.de with the wood dealer database for stove owners and timber merchant. Kaminofen-owner must not register, but can determine anonymous under input of their postcode which firewood dealers in their area are registered and how far is the way. In addition to the contact information appears on what fuels the dealer is specialized and in which district the wood is delivered. A direct link to google maps calculated immediately to the direct route to good wood. Free registration for firewood dealers for commercial firewood dealer is free for the entry in the database of the Infothek at. The offer is valid for all companies that offer firewood, firewood, pellets or fuel. The entry is free of charge and can be changed at any time on the part of the dealer or deleted. The fire Depot reserves the right periodically to check the entered data and if necessary consult to correct or delete. The team of fire Depot under the telephone number + 49-8143-264530 or by E-Mail at answers queries to the database and the content to be published. Her Julia Menden

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