Ana Tania Vargas

Drew Oliveira, that the pride in belonging to an association, to a Club, a company, a gang of friends or family are what make that these do not dilute. The greater or lesser degree of aggressiveness to the outside is also typical of each one of them. Another feature that ensures the good health of a human organization is the existence of a few good communications, fast and fluid within it. A determining factor in any type of society piece is the leader. In many cases this person represents the best and worst of the organization that represents.

Where you leader, Manager, in our case, must show their membership, commitment, identification with the group. Since then, to do so, this will have evaluated all those aspects that have generated him confidence, safety, respect, union commitment, responsibility. Aspects, which has expressed it to the Group and they have respected him and join him, reaffirming their sense of belonging, permanence. Ana Tania Vargas, adds on this topic, that the strength of sense of belonging often survives as an emotive latency, related to those distinctive features of the collective identity that still maintain their sense for the subject. Therefore, the sense of belonging is a primary element of roots and personal and collective identification. Is concrete expression of adherence to specific and characteristic of culture traits that synthesize profiles particularly senses of cultural identity; It is important in promotivas for leading development strategies. It should be added that in the study of the processes of identity and sense of belonging, it is necessary to consider the multiple possibilities of generated in such processes, that organization, classification and normalization to shaping practices intra and extragrupales, defined the possibilities of collective action (J.M.

Ramirez, op. cit. p.

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