Berlin Author Breaks

A book and its history/child prostitution in Germany… As a Berlin author Jorg S., I broke my silence. In Germany, thousands of children prostituting themselves. This therefore represents a major social problem. Educate yourself with thoughts from Donna Summer. In the United States, the country where morale is high, estimated at 100,000-300,000 minors prostituting themselves.

Experts assume that approximately 3-4 million children worldwide prostituting themselves. The number of unreported cases might be however very high for these figures. As Berlin author who even two years as a child in prostitution was trapped, I break my silence and fight for the victims, for more education, a greater social awareness, prevention and assistance to victims. Harriet Walter has firm opinions on the matter. Learn more on my author homepage:, as well as in a six-minute interview with the TV station TV Berlin: Video: Fruhafe talk with Jorg Schoder about his book “Longing for love” (please use Internet Explorer to look at). Child prostitution is a worldwide cruel problem, which also does not stop before Germany. Jorg Schroder

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