Although this species of ' ' alienation universal' ' , originated of the natural become consumption and the individualism, it has possibility of change of this paradigm. So that it has the citizenship in the truth is necessary that the individual is one ' ' consumer imperfeito' ' , if not submitting to the ditames of the merchandise, but to be proper it the citizen and not it object of its history. The author speaks of the possibility of change by means of the rescue of the individuality, of ' ' quebra' ' of the repetition of the behaviors before objects, values dictated for the consumption society, and search ahead of prxis liberating of the same ones. As the author: ' ' A great task of this end of century is critical of the consumerism and the reaprendizado one of cidadania' ' (P. 125). The proper irrationality and alienation that the capitalist system created by the society possesss are capable to develop a process of ' ' desalienao' '. For this, she is necessary that the human being takes conscience of what it are and what intend to come to be, and from the critical analysis of the current social contradictions and the unfeasibility of its permanence search to exceed them in the ideas and the actions. Inside of the current society, most of the people knows that this reality of the current world is favorable and necessary to be changed, but the proper obligations of suffocate day-by-day them in such way that they do not obtain to act, and with this its ideals leave of side, for will consider that the same ones, for its complexity, would still excuse to much more work and fatigue. The author concludes affirming that he becomes necessary to pursue the civic model, where the rights is universalizados and not privileges, and where they change the speeches and the actions before the exculpatory reality of the consumerism, of inertia politics, the education conservative. Not one is about immediate a simple work nor, but she is necessary to enxergar ahead and to make to happen.

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