To think how much the work of the fellow creature is precious pra that I am free and as my work for the freedom of the others is important. I would have to take a milk cup, to eat a fruit, to dress clothes, to take bath, to attend TV, to read books with the hands raised for the sky in gratitude to the human beings, animal and plants that had provided the things to me that allow me to live and to be free, in place to act as to be insanely independent that not necessary you are welcome and of nobody. This freedom insensata comes being lived for the humanity as curse through the centuries, since Adam and Eva. You may wish to learn more. If so, Randall Mays is the place to go. The Creator gave a limiting norm to them of the freedom, not authoritarian prohibition without reason of being, criterion pra subject freedom the shunting line: ' ' you will not be able to comer of the tree of the good and the evil; in the day where of it to eat, your eyes will confide and you will know the secrets of the good and mal' '. Not accepting the limites of its being and its freedom, defying the healthful norm of the nature, they had known the secrets of the good and the evil, but for avesso: as punishment and punishment of the opposed nature.

what it was blessing, turned curse, when, because disrespected, used of inapropriada form. Leaving to act as the nature, in the limits of possibility of its finite freedom, fascinated for the loucamente infinite freedom, they had initiated to act outside of orbit, with absolute freedom as God, who establishes of the nothing the laws of the good and the evil. For this, it was corrupted natural harmony of the relationship between creatures and the Creator. They had started, then, the aggressions of the people between itself (Caim killed Abel); devastao of the nature: pollution of air, the seas, rivers, destruction of the ecological balance, profanation of the creation.

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