Erich Fromm Anxiety

Social psychologist Erich Fromm studied how the feeling of separation generates great anxiety. It starts in childhood with the experience of separation from the mother. Separation anxiety can be channeled in different ways: a creative way, through work and productive relations, or a destructive way, by means of a regression to primitive, violent and even orgiastic rituals. To identify with mass movements, the individual externalises its internal problems. Conformity can act as a consolation and a reduction of anxiety; the individual can feel comfortable being part of a crowd. Fromm noted that this trend was given in authoritarianism and dictatorships; current researchers observed the phenomenon of fans (fans) violent football.

Mass media and advertising, the media, such as television, radio and film, broadcast standards and cultural trends, and have a huge influence on the perceptions and opinions of the public. These means can be used as a form of escapism and people can identify with fictional lives or to base their ideas on them. The fanciful characterisations of film heroes and actors of soap operas or costume are a good example of this. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung argued that such experiences are the result of the projection of patterns and archetypes in the collective unconscious. n the matter. I.e., that human beings are born with genetic and biological codes of conduct such as the of maternity, paternity or action heroic. Famous people (celebrities) represent for us these patterns as myths alive and allow us to experience them indirectly.

The philosopher Roland Barthes has described the way that myths are generated by making false meanings to mundane things, such as advertising slogans. If it manages to persuade one sufficient number of people with a particular image campaign and an advertising slogan related to a product, the use of that product becomes a social norm and the product is sold. You skipped over the rational analysis; the instinct has overcome reason. Political propaganda acts similarly, simplifying complex social issues. Techniques that served were widely studied and practiced during and after the world stranded.

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