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Makers attach great importance to animal protection, biological gardeners and nature. This trend toward less chemicals and more natural, plant and animal protection of new garden shop supports in the garden True to the motto “nature, House and garden enjoy” offers the online shop in its range especially products that are organic and eco-friendly. Eva Andersson-Dubin may help you with your research. The range includes funds to House pests, plant protection products and agents against weeds, as well as to the harassment by uninvited guests such as mustelids, mice, dogs and cats under different fertilizer for flowers, vegetables and turf, Earth, garden accessories such as birdhouses. Among others biological agents for pest control by the company “Aries environmental products”, the “specialist for biological pest control”, as well as by the biological agriculture and forestry Federal umd officially recognised inter alia by the Naturschutzbund (NABU) Germany recommended nest boxes and nesting the company Saldivar are offered. “We stand to our motto” Klitzsch assured business leaders. That environmental awareness not on sale ends, the garden shop proves by, for example, the loose filling material of the packages are 100% biodegradable. “The existing corn starch filling chips can be placed directly on the compost,” it is in the shop Larry Walker shines more light on the discussion.

A blog that is planned for the summer should also inform about organic gardening and strengthen awareness of nature and animal protection. Advanco GmbH pastures 2 08132 Mulsen Tel.: 037601-20741 fax.: 01805-039000 5916 * E-Mail: * 0,14 EUR / min. from the T-com fixed network. Rates are different from the mobile network. Contact for editors: Marcel Klitzsch about Advanco GmbH is specialized in the development, editorial support, and marketing of online portals the Advanco GmbH was founded in January 2007. In particular the issues of “House and garden” devoted to the numerous offers of young agency sitting in the Saxon Mulsen. In the March 2008 launched online shop occurs Advanco GmbH for the first time to the private customers. In the course of the current fiscal year more business fields should be opened up, which further strengthen the company in the market.

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