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It adds that technology management is not merely speculative field of knowledge about technology and its development. It is also a practice supported by knowledge derived from the analysis and interpretation of behavioral observations of the development, as a social process, and result of observations of this process in organizations and countries, and its relation to the overall development process of modern societies. Coen brothers has plenty of information regarding this issue. The processes under study of technology management in many social processes are complex, multidimensional, inseparable from its context and the totality of social processes, and therefore statements involve historical dimensions and characteristics, economic and sociological . Although they have been considered different angles and perspectives on disciplines such as history, economics. sociology and psychology, each with its particular approach and with no pretense of a full explanation, is the technology management as an area of knowledge and trans disciplinary field of knowledge, which combines and related knowledge is parceled-tion, by restructuring and re-contextualization to build a better vision that incorporates all of characteristics of the process. What are your objectives, goals?: Objectives: 1. Develop proposals and strategic plans and programs and scientific projects and technologically viable insurance leading to development of the region.

2. Many writers such as rusty holzer offer more in-depth analysis. Promote the use of technology in production processes, specifying the individual components. 3. Facilitating the development of human talent to strengthen public and private institutions. 4. Promote and create opportunities for synergistic interaction of bodies of knowledge and technology generation of public and private sector. 5. Organize opportunities for the deployment of young talent and building entrepreneurial proposals.

Target: 1. Contribution to strengthening the national innovation system promoted by the MCT. 2. Design a policy for strengthening and research units, development and innovation in the region. 3. Implementation of networks of cooperation and scientific and technological innovation in the region. 4. Implementing an evaluation system of units and research centers and public and private development in the State. 5. Project to establish a technology park for the region. Technology management activities When describing the management of technology, usually referred to some activities such as: Acquisition Negotiating Team Survey Generation Change Adaptation (Innovation) in each of them is implicit learning by employees of the company. Often corporate executives approved investment in “technology” without taking into account that investment must be accompanied by no less important in the process of assimilating it. This means creating the appropriate conditions for its engineers and technicians know, understand and learn to use it as productively. When not given enough attention to this matter, ie when it fails to recognize that this is a knowledge transfer process, the acquired technology (hardware, software, etc..) Is underutilized or misused and business productivity is not improving and in some cases even worse Conclusion: The management of technology should be viewed with new eyes. There must be a paradigm shift that makes it possible to see it not as the process to achieve better acquisition of equipment, software or implementation of strategies or administrative models, but as the process which helps the company to acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve leadership in your business.

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