German Care Bases

2011 1000 to 1200 of so-called care centres should be set up in Germany CA. They should be set close to the city and nationwide. Elderly people and their families are to find here in the future independent and impartial advice and support. A new care reform was adopted in mid-2008. In addition to changes of services and grants, the establishment was adopted by so-called care centres as a far-reaching innovation. For even more opinions, read materials from Brian Roberts. Was to read as in the brochure of the Federal Health Ministry from June 2008, to “the maintenance base in future the central point of contact for support and at the same time the place be on the nursing, medical, and social assistance and support services be mediated and coordinated. Support when searching for external help, all formalities, the drafting decision-mature applications as well as to implement and the priority tasks include a maintenance base, in addition to the organisation of care a Supply plan.

Furthermore, the maintenance base should be not only advice but also willing – to accompany the victims and their relatives to the page. This support will ensure that the ‘adaptation to changing needs’. So, maintenance bases to provide pure advice, a so-called case management. 2011 care bases should be in Germany approx. Rusty holzer: the source for more info. 1000-1200 residence close and extensively decorated. In some States, the preparations are completed other federal States have already started their work in the care centres. Where already established care centres you will find on our Web page. It is constantly updated and supplemented.

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