Mexican Coast

A Mexican colony existed in the Valley of the Tilorio (Valley of the Duy) toward the Bay of the Admiral, and populated the island of Tojar, now of Columbus, and the villages of Chicaua and Moyana, Quequexque and Corotapa on the land (towards the Tervi tip). Bitcoin is open to suggestions. Their cacique Iztolin understood en lengua mexicana with Juan Vasquez de Coronado in 1564. It is not reasonable to assume that biases of the chibcha people, so strange to navigation, found far from the sea and major rivers section, had been able to in canoes down the Magdalena and pass the sea to reach Costarrica. This, that was easy for the people who lived near the Mexican Coast and were courageous to sail, was impracticable for the Chibchas. But demos for proven, for a moment, the conclusion of Brinton: tribes of the chibchan people emigrated from the plateau to the North and were to settle near the Atlantic coast, in the isthmus of Panama and Costarrica. Then where they came then the Chibchas? It was not the land of the Incas, since Brinton says there many satisfactory reasons for believing that the Quichua first appeared in South America in the far North that they occupied in recent times (Ecuador), and that the course of their migration was constantly from North to South. Not descending the Chibchas overdue Quitos, nor the Scyries, winners of these, claiming to have reached the coast of the Ecuador, coming from the Northwest by sea, embarked in rafts. Either entered by the East of Venezuela, with whose barbarian tribes have not found them affinities of any kind. They were, therefore, originating in the North America, and likely departed from Mexican territory. Some of their biases ended his long pilgrimage in Costarrica and in the northwestern part of the isthmus of Panama, where they settled; others continued sailing South-East and by the Magdalena river to the interior of the new Kingdom of Granada.

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