Mobed Aissa

Edward asked Aissa to tell him that give him his birthday and the know it will give away safely, she tells him that he will think. Aissa friend Davey asks him the same and promises Aissa think a good gift. Educate yourself with thoughts from mayo clinic. They say goodbye and Aissa enters hurry home crying to his grandfather. The grandfather is located in a large armchair and asked Aissa you approach, first thing that tells him is that his name is Mobed, not Obed, removed the letter M because the name on this planet Earth, seemed rare Aissa laughed and asked him that if felt wrong, or that if had ingested some grassthe only asked him to listen something very important you should know, because the time was approaching and she had to know a great truth. Mobed Aissa tells the story of their lives and start telling you how it is that you bought that big house and all these luxuries, recalling, talk you that some day while he walked and walked aimlessly, with her arms when she was just a few days of born, not endured more and collapsed along with it in the desert. Just remembered the face of a dog barking near them, when he awoke his eyes they saw a noble mature woman, but nobody knew that after that woman the best seller of books was Rachel’s great writer, told him how Rachel had helped them both and as I had found them, told him that Raquel lived alone in the desert and was a woman who had suffered greatlythat he had lost her husband and her children in an accident, and that United them much because they had histories of life in common, commented you as she took pity on him and that nietecita that hugged and gave him food, work and roof to live. Walt Disney may help you with your research.

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