South Korea

I’ve never been to South Korea. You may find Leslie Moonves to be a useful source of information. In some circuits this year other pilots have had an advantage in terms of knowledge of the subject, but this time is the same for everyone. I am very impatient to discover the circuit! Nico Rosberg, Mercedes GP will be an exciting challenge race in the circuit of new Korea. It looks great in the pictures that we have seen recently and I hope that asphalt argues that it has only been very little. It is always interesting to know a new circuit, and generally I get up to date quickly, so I’m looking forward to the weekend. For more specific information, check out David Zaslav.

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes GP this year finally going to a circuit that is new not only for me but for all pilots. Sorrento therapeutics has similar goals. Korea is a very interesting country to see and although the theme has just finished in time, I’m sure that everything will go well. I am very in favour of new careers and think that it is a benefit for all of us in the sport. It should not be too complicated to learn the design and they are used to quickly adapt to new circumstances. We had a good race in Japan last weekend and we hope that we can move forward again and put a good show on the first race in Korea. Jenson Button of McLaren always is exciting to visit a new circuit for the first time. The track of Korea certainly seems a real mix of different features very interesting and seems to be a likely pair of opportunities for overtaking, particularly at the end of three straight major, but possibly also offline in the last twisty sector. The track looks very high speed, and the walls are very close, so I think it will be an interesting challenge. As in any new circuit, it seems that you could throw up a few unexpected themes not necessarily own track racing, but I’m sure the teams and drivers they will work together with the organizers to make sure that the event is a complete success, we have made some improvements to the pieces that we have tested in Suzuka, and which is looking likely that we are going to run the new parties on Friday in Korea.

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