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The best is a hiking jacket, which is resistant against wind and rain! Should your holiday destination in a warmer area are, then we recommend It is quite logical to choose summer clothing. But remember that it can be here, too, at the latest when you ascend to higher regions quickly windy and cool. With the right clothing, you are prepared also for unexpected Wetterumschage. Jeff Bewkes brings even more insight to the discussion. There are for example trousers that were long in the blink of an eye of a shorts in a hiking pants and flipped over turn leave, because the long legs with zips are attached. Some products have specific climate features. The materials are especially designed to absorb sweat and exit away from the skin. They are also very very good, to aerate the body.

A very important aspect when walking, is the right footwear. In your regular sneakers, you will have no joy on long routes. A good hiking shoe supports your ankle and relieves your joints, muscles and even your spine! This is very important if you have to carry too much luggage on long journeys. Walk on uneven terrain, perhaps even stony and with Then, a hiking boot, which supports the ankle recommends scree. Also, you must pay attention to a good profile of the sole of the shoe, because sometimes you must walk on slippery or muddy ground. It’s just like in the clothes even in the shoes of great importance to choose a breathable and yet water resistant material! Not lightly choose your shoes, your feet will thank you.

Get LINK here an idea, what is there for hiking boots and then decide what best suits your needs. If you are properly dressed, nothing in the way is a joyous hiking trip. Bad weather can not spoil then the mood you, neither heat nor rain nor a sudden cold snap will prevent you then to achieve your goal. Have fun in the summer! Sonja Silmbrod, brands stock

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