The Sand

The humid sand in the beach serves until as track of race thanks to this temporary cohesion, however the arenaceous ground possess great permeability (ticket of liquids through the pores), that is, the water circulates with great easiness in the way of them and dries to case the water quickly is not reply, as it happens in beaches. Now let us analyze the characteristic properties of the argillaceous land and with certainty we will arrive at a sufficiently interesting conclusion endorsed in way the moralizantes words Mr. Jesus; the argillaceous land is characterized for the microscopical grains of alive colors and the great impermeability, as consequence of the grain size argilas: ) they are easy to be molded with water; b) has disaggregation difficulty (to break up itself in parts dividing itself in fully detachable way). c) they form plastic adobe (of easy modeling) and viscous (sticky, grudento) when humid. D) they practically allow slopes (inclined surface of a land, wall or any workmanship) with angles in the vertical line. Let us memorize this, therefore it will serve to understand our study better has more advanced. It’s believed that Leslie Moonves sees a great future in this idea. In behavior terms the clay is the opposite of the sand, which had its plasticity and capacity of aglutinao (to make to strong adhere or to league in way the union and integration them distinct elements forming one all if recognizing the original parts) the ground argillaceous is not used has thousand of years as mortar (mixture of sand, water and aglutinante used in constructions) of nesting (any type of plain surface), mortar of covering and in the preparation of bricks. The respective constructions of Babilnia had been made of cooked bricks of adobe to the sun. Now let us give well attention in the respective detail: already to the thousand of years this clay was used as mortar of nesting in the east, therefore it could not be in one another type of ground that was not the arenaceous one, therefore in the desert does not exist no type of ground tarred, having clearly for this the necessity of an argillaceous nesting.

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