Statistics Testing

For the owners and the first decision makers have a simple and a hundred interest test for the answer myself, I have a crisis or not. If you wait for tomorrow does not bring joy and confidence, and brings a sense of fear, it means that the crisis is not a guest in your home and your family. So what is the true cause of the crisis? There is only one reason – they are people first and foremost a business owner and the first person who called ‘right hand’, and as a result, there is already listed above symptoms, who mistakenly assumed the root causes of the crisis. 4. Why is it so unequivocally and categorically? First, let us return to the example of an organism, using alcohol and tobacco, as a consequence of a person gets sick lungs and liver, it is like not a crisis, the destruction itself. After all, nobody forced people to poison themselves, it is his sole and sensible decision and should not be at the same time to shift responsibility to others and outsiders.

Own weakness and ignorance are the root causes of personal suffering. Second, popular wisdom says that the fish port head, it’s hard to argue about it with our ancestors. Third, promiscuity in men and professionalism in the construction of the systemic organization leads to the fact that second-class professionals recruit third-rate and so on. Fourthly, the most effective for achieving success in today’s business – the world is a flexible, full trade-offs and winding road.

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