Wools Houses Collaborators

finally is approached what it is the motivation and its relation with endomarketing. 1 ENDOMARKETING OR INTERNAL MARKETING: An INITIAL BOARDING With passing of the decades the organizations and the high management had mainly understood that the organizacionais reach of the goals and objectives closely were related with the satisfaction of its employees. From this perception the assignment? used? if it converted into? employee? more recently in? collaborator. Such understanding originated the study and the concept of internal marketing, which, as Wools Houses (2006, P. 105), are known in Brazil as endomarketing. In accordance with the author, is part of the internal marketing the job of pertaining techniques to the marketing with intention to reach the internal public of the organization, since a laborer until a supervisor. ' ' Objective the internal marketing? to vender? the firm for the employee to raise its motivation and with this to develop a dynamic and guided team of work for consumidor.' ' (WOOLS HOUSES, 2006, P.

106). In the concepts of endomarketing the collaborators are seen as internal customers of the company. In accordance with Wools Houses (2006, P. 105), the organizations had felt the precision to get an excellent team of employees and to attract the best professionals. They had understood that the allegiance, the knowledge and the experience of its collaborators are good with a imensurvel value, and that this patrimony the same needs zeal destined to its consumers. The satisfaction of the customer depends on some factors and knows that one of most important is the quality of the given service. As Rodrigues et al (1997, P. 20) placed, this quality results essentially of the lender of the service; it is its performance that makes the difference in the attendance to the customer. Therefore the importance of the organization to attract and to hold back talentos, to enable the collaborators, inseriz them in an environment of motivador and pleasant work.

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