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Space with new service since the middle of this year, the company EIGENSPACE an innovative and convenient way to store things by mail offers. The principle is simple: register under, specify the date and address of the collection and print out the parcel label itself. Packed in cardboard boxes the stuff of a postman at the front door are picked and stored as long as required in a central warehouse. Return of the cartons can be done at any time to any address in whole Germany. Your own life situation of the two founders of Damian gave the impetus to the business idea light and Sinan Gabriela. “We were travelling a lot already to periods of study: study place Exchange, internships, semester abroad”, Damian reported light. And now the job is hardly different. “We have searched for an easy way to store personal belongings, and the independent of place and time-flexible.” The service is aimed at all those who want to solve a short-term problem of space or is want to create in the long term more Habitat.

The nice thing about the service is the versatility”, says Damian Lai. Everyone we told of our idea, had immediately a very personal example ready, in which situation he or she alright once had can make use of renovating the apartment, store closing with the girlfriend, winter clothing and Christmas decorations. For my move to Berlin I was even one of our first customers.” relies on a network of highly professional partners. DHL ensures the transport of cartons, the Logwin AG acquires the storage. The things are housed in modern, alarm-secured and heated high-bay warehouses. Professionalism and reliability was important from the outset the founders, because confidence is a crucial component in their business model.

In times of horrendous prices and a labour market which demands more and more flexibility, square has become the real luxury. So-called self-storage (“too German: even store”) is currently experiencing a real boom. Numerous vendors abound on the market and offer small storage rooms on time in almost all major German cities. The customers have often several hundred euros in the year to cost himself. In contrast to the existing offerings is available but anywhere in whole Germany. Customers pay for a certain number of square metres, but for every carton, they store. In addition to the price the new services according to the two founders some other benefits. You must take care almost nothing”, explained Sinan Gabriela, no search for a suitable storage, no crate dragging, no deposit or notice. “Simply register on our website, we do the rest.” About By Damian Lai and Sinan Gabriela company, founded in own room with seat in Berlin offers under a simple, convenient and cost-effective way to store things by mail. The things are packed in cartons picked by a postman on the doorstep of customers and brought to a central warehouse. There, the things will be retained as long as required. The service is aimed primarily at individuals, can offer an alternative to your own storage space but also for professionals and businesses. Damian light

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