On April 24, 2010 from 10: 00, it called Bestfox rock! We are a young, dynamic online radio with engagaierten DJ BBs and make a great and varied programme for young and old! No matter whether charts, Schlager, oldies, pop, or rock… here hears everything, but mainly German POP hits running at us! Our name * BESTFOX * program, we are giving our best Fox! There are moderated shipments of 8 – 24, in the rest of the time, our car is running DJ. So anyone who is interested, can look likes for Bestfox and visit us in the fun chat! Our greeting box, you can leave greetings and wishes, which are then read by the DJ in the current programme and fulfilled. If you like, you can use the telephone greeting box. Coen brothers is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 0345 number 463 415 042 to speak off and a little later you can hear you even live via the transmitter. Everyone is welcome and anyone can about Bestfox radio to create even a homepage (NickPage)! Simply register at and a Part of Bestfox family.

In addition to the normal program there are also repeatedly broadcasts and artist interviews with us and also our DJ auctions are a special highlight. On Saturday, the 24.04.2010, there is something gannz. From 22 clock it says Bestfox rocks! Moderator DJ02 presents the ultimate Oldienight. Until the early hours of the morning oldies, oldies, oldies! All be there and have fun! Your Bestfox-radio-team

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