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Tips and advice to breastfeed…Nursing mother breastfeeding child promotion of bonding and a loving relationship I’m breast-feeding my children! In Italy, more than 90% of the mothers decide to breastfeed her child. Unfortunately, the lactation period is too short and often directly with the infant formula. Even after the sixth month of life, to less than 50% of mothers are breast-feeding, and after a year, still doing only 12% of mothers. Breastfeeding is a moment of deep intimacy between mother and child, important for healthy growth without problems. Breastfeeding soothes and relaxes the child and the mother. At first it may seem a little complicated, but, never give up.

Here are some tips to make breastfeeding easy: trust in yourself to have and to follow the natural instinct. You will find the right abdomen of children should keep in touch with you, your Chin on your chest and mouth on the breast areola. The child must have the nipple and the areola in his mouth to suck good and friends not to hurt. You can find the most comfortable position for both. Hear other arguments on the topic with Harriet Tubman. It is important to avoid bad posture, and to prevent the fissures, small but annoying lacerations of the nipple. You can also support a nursing pillow test, designed, to support your back and your arm or a classic pillow. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin by clicking through. Always trust your instinct and slowly, you find the most suitable attitude: sitting or lying, the most important, is relaxed and comfortable.

Personal hygiene, make sure you have on your personal hygiene, to avoid problems, such as infections and fissures. Keep always dry your nipples. After each breastfeeding, you clean it the with water and a mild soap, avoid strong perfumes, because they might change the taste of your milk. During the quiet period, it can happen that your nipples are dry: there are completely harmless creams with Glycerin, which hydrate the cracks and the cracks without affecting the children. To avoid annoying friction on the bra and also the spontaneous release of milk, there are special Disposable cotton tablets. Forget not the disposable cotton, to change tablets, as they are wet and let you sleep the baby during breastfeeding. Newborns in the first feedings can happens that the milk of the mother to go out and the child is still not the right rhythm in silence and he runs risk to nearly suffocate due to much milk into his mouth. It’s simple: rather than him on the shoulder and gave him a few small strokes on the back… Will find everything down! If your chest is not completely empty, try to remove the excess milk, press with the palms of the hands, because exceeding can cause milk infections such as udder inflammation, pain and fever. If you feel sore breasts with small knots, then gently massage and do hot packs, a shower can help you to relax and melt the node! Usually tried, your children of breastfeeding every 3/4 hours, but you are not too rigid: if he’s hungry, you are breast-feeding him, you think Remember that a child has only a need to eat, and the only way he knows, to communicate with you, it is, crying. A tip to all young mothers: Calm, patience and love… This is the right way to help to grow this new life! Lisa Guerrini – Italy family hotels – children in Italy – family holidays child-friendly family hotels.

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