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The Lavazza Italian coffee producer now for 110 years in the business, movement, shares the ideals of slow food which ultimately led to the cooperation between the company and the organization. In 1996, Lavazza began the slow food thought to support, as the main sponsor of the “Salone del Gusto”. The Salon is an annually recurring event of slow food, which serves to spread their values through the presentation of products which correspond to the philosophy of the organization. It also offered seminars in nutrition and food science and held conferences with experts from different areas of the food industry and gastronomy. Another large project, which supports Lavazza is the slow food University of gastronomic Sciences.

There, the food experts are trained from morning through application of slow food, the ideals of the organization actively living ethics in their future working lives and spread. Lavazza supports the University not only financially, but also in teaching. In Lavazza’s own Continuing education provider in Turin carried a special training programme on the subject of coffee. Topics addressed in the framework of the programme are the production process of coffee products, wine tasting (sensory analysis), quality control, principles of sustainable development and communication strategies. At the end of the training are to pass the student capable of the philosophy of the Italian coffee culture and to show others how you can enjoy a cup of espresso to the fullest.

Lavazza not only teaches and talks about values and ideals, but she also lives: through the sale of premium coffee high quality products, such as for example the TIERRA coffee. A 100% sustainably harvested coffee product of superior quality, among other things available for the Lavazza BLUE and espresso point capsule system. The capsule system is one of many innovative developments of Lavazza, which has revolutionized the world of coffee. Small portions of coffee, vacuum-packed and thus fresh are cooked up over a long period of time Lavazza BLUE espresso point coffee machines designed solely for the preparation of the coffee capsules to the best espresso from the capsules to or win. NABIL is one of the largest distributors of Lavazza BLUE and espresso point coffee capsules. NABIL implements the ideals and moral values of Lavazza and slow-food, accompanied by the sale of the Lavazza premium coffee capsules of top-quality customer service. The entire range of NABIL is available at and. To support the slow food philosophy of Italian coffee culture and spread is the common goal of Lavazza and NABIL. Through the purchase of Lavazza BLUE and espresso point coffee capsules it is the conscious consumer to consume possible good, clean and fair products and “slowly” to enjoy their Lavazza espresso. Dennis Makowsky Alenis hungary Ltd. klapka utca 7 1134 Budapest Hungary Tel.: + 3612371211 email:

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