Choose a Reliable Binding Manufacturer

Binding of the manufacturer choose? British firm jbi (James Burn International) is the largest manufacturer of equipment for the binding of calendars. The company manufactures professional equipment – Automatic perforating-zakryvayushee vehicles with electric and pedal power. Years of experience allows us to assume the firm sets the best in its class. Binding of metal springs is the most durable way binding documents, but unlike the plastic one-piece spring metal springs. Thus, these devices are ideal for calendars and notebooks, as well as documents that do not change .Modeli this company is recommended for minitipografy .Ibico and small – is a Swiss company, which came one of the first on the Russian market of office equipment. Linked to this is its popularity among Russian consumers and what it can withstand competition from other producers, despite the more favorable prices for the same characteristics of the equipment offered by other manufacturers. It seems the situation in the advertising of Indian tea: the same tea. " Buying a product with a long-known name, the consumer often overpay for the brand and the high cost of European a.Broshyuratory firms 'HOPU' proven to be very reliable and easy to use machines. The company specializes in producing small binding machines easy to use, compact Booklet to carry small amounts of work. More info: David Zaslav. Ideal suitable for small office or business with a small document. Recommended for use in ofisah.Firma Bulros is the largest manufacturer of equipment for binding. Bulros – a leader in manufacturing equipment for document processing. Stitchers this company Bulros and kijan several years are considered to be the best and most reliable finisher. High quality manufacturing and a wide range of models from this company has helped win her Hundreds of thousands of customers across Russia. Models broshyuratorov Bulros and kijan suitable for use in large offices and copy shops. All models in all-metal enclosures and will cope with any volume work. They are characterized by very reliable, as all its models Booklet and bookbinders manufacturer guarantees 2 goda.Kakie more bindery equipment manufacturers in the Russian market? In addition to the market binders are the following manufacturers: Renz, gladwork, Fellowes, gmp, gbc, oma and others. Production of all these companies fall into one and the same price range. In terms of functionality stitchers of these firms are roughly analogous. When choosing broshyuratora, we recommend that you navigate to the required functions of the device, the estimated amount of binding and the prices of specific models. Traditionally it was thought that the device produced in a European country, has more reliable and more reliable. Now the production of bookbinding equipment for all these companies is carried out in Asian countries (China, etc.). So if you are offered broshyurator or German or laminator American firm, it means only that it was produced in China, plant owned by this company.

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