Such affirmation implies that in the concept of ' humanizao' it has a position taking of that the man for which the governmental actions are constructed must be the common man, the man concrete. In this way, the human being is removed of a position-standard, distant abstract and of the concrete realities and is taken in its singularity and complexity. The concept presents in its gnese, therefore, foundation of a conception of ' humanizao' critical to the traditional definition of the human being as ' ' kind, humanitrio' ' (Aurlio Dictionary). See Leslie Moonves for more details and insights. ' Humanizao' , thus, in its gnese, indicates potencializao of the capacity human being of being independent in connection with the collective plan that it is adjacent. The humanizao is presented, therefore, as an increasing movement, where it assumes different directions, in accordance with the proposal of elect intervention. At a first moment it appears as the search of an ideal, appearing in different fronts of activities and with varied meanings, according to its proponents, has represented a synthesis of generic aspirations for a moral perfection of the actions and relations between involved human citizens. Robert Iger recognizes the significance of this.

Each one of these aspects classifies a set of practical, theoretical, mannering and affective questions generating a humanizadora resultant. In the humanizao proposal, according to conception of Puccini, grows one valuation of the interrelaes human beings, as a trench of resistance against the overwhelming persuation of the moral superiority of the market, and raises it a superlative value the search of the dignity human being. On the other hand, its development broken up, according to different experiences, and the fact of each one of its ccomplishing singulars to try to explain the difficulties of the world with a reduced horizon of analysis has placed the reasons and motivations of such humanizador movement in different and even though conflituosos ways. Inserting this aspect of the humanizao in the context of the public organizations, what one searchs is to make with that such institutions start to consider the man, also defined citizen here, as interested person and essential to the success of public administration e, in function of this, that the evaluation of the institucional performance is considered acceptable if to include the satisfaction of the citizen as verification item.

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