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Kraft (NYSE:KFT), and how difficult that is to do business in Argentina 1 October 2009 a labor battle in the factory of Kraft Food Inc (NYSE:KFT) is causing disruption of the streets and growing concern about further trade union conflicts at a time of economic distress The Wall Street Journal, about the conflict that affects the American factory in Argentina. At this moment I am in Buenos Aires, a city besieged by pickets. Take a taxi in this town is a risk for the Pocket since to address that one aims to reach, the taxi driver must overcome several pickets and diverted several times to the most direct route. Joel and Ethan Coens opinions are not widely known. Then, what should be a ten minute trip can be extended by one hour in which at least one can entertain themselves listening to the stories of life of driver, or can use that time to think about how difficult that is life (and business) in Buenos Aires, world capital of tango and pickets. If Argentina he wanted publicity to attract investment to the country, the written notice by Taos Turner and Matta Moffett for the financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal, certainly it hasn’t done you a big favor. Why is it so difficult to solve a simple labour dispute in a factory in Argentina? The situation has generated the intervention of the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. It seems hard to believe but this conflict of Kraft workers with the company began in July by requests for workers of major measures to prevent possible infections from the swine flu. I understand that the company probably has a great responsibility in this conflict, but I would like to see beyond it to discover a phenomenon that is spreading in Argentina and is a consequence of the policy which the Government has pursued in recent years..

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