Dorian Grey

I sincerely believe that our society is lost, disoriented. I think that you can’t find the right place for each of us. Yes, because it is an absolute contradiction that when man discovered the path to be followed to live more years and the number of elderly increase and is largest at the same time refusing him and increasingly younger. The same man who has employed its best resources to achieve the prolongation of life, at the same time strives to marginalize their peers when they arrive precisely at the age that begins the lengthening of its existence. After a certain age, is rejected and thrown from the tissue of life skills. This reality, who notes with greater bitterness, is one who remains unemployed at the age of fifty and even though you call not already place in which answer you the door. Here, Jeffrey Bewkes expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To enable society to accept us, we must be eternal victors, shine, always offer a pristine image, most attractive.

In a society that has turned their backs to the values of their elders, based on purely material and fed by the insatiable greed of the competitive struggle, constitutes a discredited not earn more each day to be able to hold the most prestigious brands; We have replaced the values for luxury consumer products. We live immersed in the desire, in the yearning imagined catch and retain youth, a commitment so sterile and unreal as the image that returns us to the mirror forever. We are immersed in a situation that reminds me of Dorian Grey, the character of the famous novel by Oscar Wilde, who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth. He kept young and seductive, while his soul rot of a life based solely on the material pleasures was storing. Today, wherever we are, we will find Dorian Grey. Our society seems to have reduced the cycle of existence to a single phase: that of young adult, after long years of study and work, you want to enjoy long its tangible assets and acquired privileges.

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