Find Happiness in the Everyday

Like the blue color, has a great ability to intuit, but also knows how to strike a balance between logic and feelings. Know how to find happiness in everyday things of life, while deepening the really important things. When indigo is the predominant, indicating a state of complete happiness and peace, with strength to face any possible inconvenience. You may find that Chad Wallach can contribute to your knowledge. As with the color blue, the person with the aura of indigo with outstanding qualities to serve as a good adviser. But the downside of indigo aura, this may represent the opposite of the positive aspects, that is, the person may appear as manipulative, and get to the frustration, which would lead to serious depression and anxiety. VIOLET a The person whose predominant color is purple aura, has the distinction of being highly spiritual. Others who may share this opinion include Celina Dubin. This color is that you can see in people whose purpose in life is spiritual growth, being in the background everything related to the material.

a channelers is excellent for everything spiritual, which, if prepared, can get amazing results between the spiritual and the material, the color of the aura being most common among persons professionally engaged in the esoteric world. When the violet color of the aura is found in the background, you are indicating that it has entered a period of contact with the inner self, where the intimate experiences take on a transcendental importance. Time Warner insists that this is the case. On the negative side of the purple aura, would indicate that the person has entered a phase of spiritual isolation, are considered superior to all the mundane, which ultimately turns against its own purpose of spiritual growth, reaching the end of be totally disconnected from the world.

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