Industrial Coatings

Demand for industrial coatings, but the meaning is the construction industry for sales of colors from colors and varnishes are not only beautiful, they protect from corrosion or foreclosure houses, vehicles and other valuable objects. Even the pure material value is considerable: in Europe will reach a volume of 27.7 billion euro of sales until the year 2018, expects Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana research. The market research Institute published just a new study on the European market for paints and varnishes. The automotive industry is of particular importance for the demand for paints and lacquers: Although this sector is quantitatively less than 8% of the total market, the value share is almost 15%. Jeff Bewkes spoke with conviction. Above-average put in car series coatings, repair coatings and paints. Industrial paints, the most important to the construction industry applications, achieve high growth especially Russia, Poland and Turkey. But also some Western European countries, about the Netherlands, recorded increases above the European average of 1.6% per year. Powder coatings, acrylic coatings, as well as products based on epoxy resins gaining weight.

Construction in Eastern Europe the importance of the construction industry for the supply of paints and coatings, however, further decreases. This industry was in 2002 for 59% of European demand, their share will reach probably only 56% in 2018. This trend is weakened however due to rising sales of emulsion paints in Eastern Europe. Bio and nano set too many manufacturers are developing solvent-free and environmentally friendly paint and coatings, which are suitable for example for steel container or liner. So a reduction in the environmental impact is made possible by VOC emissions. Brigham And Women’s Hospital may also support this cause. Many companies are working on product solutions, which offer special additional features: in addition to thermal insulation, especially the nano technology is a future theme, for example, for self-cleaning, antibacterial coatings. Practice-oriented study of the market report by Ceresana research provides a concise overview of the different coating products. In detail, the market for paints and varnishes in 30 European countries is parsed, that is consumption and production are discussed, treated to import, export, and sales.

The most important areas of application are examined individually: construction industry, woodworking and automotive industry, but also for example products for plastics, anti-corrosive coatings, ceramic and glass coatings. The practical manufacturer directory in the second volume provides detailed profiles of the 138 of largest paint and lacquer producers. Market study available in English or German forecasts up to the year 2018 market opportunities and risks: market studies /… About Ceresana research Ceresana research is one of the world’s leading market research institutes for the industry. Companies, institutes and associations from over 45 countries already benefit from our global market data and in-depth forecasts.

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