Future Dilma Government

The economic period of training of Brazil currently is reflected of actions taken in the scope of the Government Squid for its agents, led for the emrito Secretary of the Treasury Guido Mantega, and the syndromes of guilt imposed the victim of the moment: the exchange. This is one of the subjects that the team of transistion of President-elect Dilma Rousseff will collate to define which the politics route economy Brazil will adopt in next the four years. Substance of the periodical Economic Value in day 11/10/2010, A8 page, sample that the macroeconomic politics adopted by the Federal Government in last the 08 years became contradictory when ratifying in the ballot boxes what the opinion research disclosed with the election of the first woman president of the country. The heading of the substance is the following one: ‘ ‘ Mantega foresees lesser interest in Dilma government and defends cut of despesas’ ‘. If to analyze the curve of interests since the beginning of the Real plan really we will have a descending curve which had the austerity of last the 16 years of the macroeconomic politics of the state Brazilian.

But, this declining curve is not enough due to current world-wide economic conjuncture. The world lives a reliable sistmica crisis, the American, and inspector, in the case of the European Union. The real tax of interests in the United States tends the zero and of the Zone of the Euro they are minors who the practised ones in Brazil.. Hear other arguments on the topic with rusty holzer.

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