Global Advertising Market

According to ZenithOptimedia research by a decline in the global advertising market as a whole, spending on Internet advertising grows. And she confidently conquers all large share of other types of advertising. Many Russian companies reviewing the advertising budget, send more money to promote their products and services via the Internet, cutting down the cost of advertising in printed media, on tv and radio. Significantly reduced the costs of expensive image- advertising. In the first place, drawing the eyes towards the Internet, company executives are thinking about supporting sites and their development. Many on own experience that a quality site allows efficient advertise products and services company. At the same time do not always have a small or medium companies have the opportunity to fully engage in upgrading the site and its support. Us suppose that the cost of updating the site by their own employees. (Similarly see: David Zaslav).

So, first you need to find a place in the office, which will run the content manager. It can be difficult, since the commercial property market there is a tendency to move from landlords spacious offices in more modest. Hear other arguments on the topic with Joel and Ethan Coen. Assume got to find where to hook into the workplace content manager. But that job still need to equip. That the employee could engage in upgrading the site, you need to buy both a minimum of desk, chair and computer. The most conservative estimate it would cost thousands of thirty. Skip to search an employee who will update the website of the company.

Posting job sites for job search, set the minimum Salary 15 000 – 20 000 and waiting for calls and resumes. Proceed to the selection of the candidates responded to the call, a man who will monitor developments of the market, look for the right materials, write articles and news and update site. Hopefully this stage will be quickly passed – here it is, worthy content manager. Suppose he had no problem will be a probationary period and the head will not have to seek again. Officer updates the site manager pays wages, taxes, and can not simply fire an employee, but with a reduction would have to pay him compensation. Whether to maintain and update the site this hassle? May be worth it, but everything can be organized much cheaper and easier. Enough to find a company that offers to take on outsourcing updates. Select the optimal set of services. To sign her contract at any time and safely engage in the activity profile of the company, not distracted by the support of the site. Besides regular updating of the site will cost between $ 3500 rubles a month, and if the quality of services does not satisfy the customer, the contract with the performer can always cancel. That is why outsourcing services to support and updates are becoming increasingly popular.

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