Had A Ghostwriter Buschkowsky?

The Neukollner Mayor Heinz Buschkowsky were multiple Ghostwriters that contentious be sealed, book ‘ Neukolln is everywhere ‘ should have written. “Berlin – an action of the Berlin Tagesspiegel” against the supposedly most famous Mayor in Germany, the Mayor of the Berlin district of Neukolln Heinz Buschkowsky, should light promote, that Heinz Buschkowsky is for writing his book Neukolln everywhere “ghostwriter had, possibly even from the district paid Ghostwriters. A few days ago the Oberverwaltungsgericht Berlin-Brandenburg has condemned Mr Buschkowsky information, whether, and if so, to what extent he took for writing his book helper of his District Office in claims. It should have been four sides. So far so good. This whole affair has even but odd, with irritating revealed promoted.

So also a mayor may after work for example in the evening not a few minutes or even hours for private things in his office space to stop. Private hardware may be in a Mayor – District Office are not, or used public hardware for private purposes also. Auxiliary whatsoever must not only appear, as Mr Buschkowsky says, but even approved, as the Berlin Senate Administration claimed. Any official who writes poetry in his spare time, his memoirs, which makes paper States his job as non-fiction or plays at home and secretly hopes that he will once beautiful and rich of them or at least maybe even it could live, at least partially, must that the top authority show, no matter what is it? Thats ludicrous, to say the least. These claims make uncomfortable after a such good citizenry.

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