The Body

The objectives in short term are to work with the labor cinesioterapia, prolongating the overloaded musculaturas of the cervical, lumbar region, fist, hands and inferior member for the cited factors previously, promoting significant improvements in such a way in pains gifts how much in the discomfort already installed in the collaborator, beyond generating a prevention for those preserved structures. The relaxation through circulatrios movements of head, shoulder, fist, fingers, hip, legs and feet helps in the circulation of such structures that remain static and with high load of pressure for a long period due the hourly routine of work and orientaes of pauses. The orientaes are essential to acquire knowledge the collaborator of the correct positions who if must exert during its day, brightening up pains and preventing future patologias. By the same author: Edmund V. Ludwig. (COUTO, 1995) It emphasizes the importance of the pause for the organism. The objectives in long stated period are to adjust the furniture how much the ergonomic necessities, that is, in accordance with the norms of the NR17 that is: For manual work seated or that it has of being made in foot, group of bencheses, tables, writing-desks and the panels they must provide to the worker conditions of good position, visualization and operation, and must take care of to the following minimum requirements: ) to have height compatible characteristics of the surface of work with the type of activity, in the distance required of the eyes to the work field and with the height of the seat; b) to have area of work of easy reach and visualization for the worker; c) to have dimensional characteristics that make possible adequate positioning and movement of the corporal segments. The seats used in the work ranks must take care of to the following minimum requirements of comfort: ) the adjustable height to the stature of the worker and the nature of the exerted function; b) characteristic of little or no conformation in the base of the seat; c) rounded off edge frontal; d) I lean lightly with suitable form to the body for protection of the lumbar region.

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